Top 15 Beer List for 2018

It’s been a great few years for beer drinkers in the Northeast! With over 80 breweries now in New Hampshire, beer drinkers have their choice of breweries within our state – and that doesn’t even factor in the breweries in other New England states! Here’s a look at our Top 15 sellers in 2018.

  1. Able Ebenezer Victory Nor Defeat  – Merrimack, NH. This is the second consecutive year VND has been #1 in the store. This imperial IPA made by our friends in Merrimack was a hit from Day One. It’s a classic, easy drinking double, and is always good. Jake from Able (who happens to be in the store as I write this) says “It’s an amazing beer made by amazing people.” Also, this blog post on their site is worth a read, I promise. And this one.
  2. Lawson’s Sip of Sunshine – Waitsfield, VT (Stratford, CT). Sip has traditionally one of the most difficult beers to get, and ranks among the best on all of the beer rating sites. Available only mostly in Vermont until this year, Sip (and its close cousins) were in limited release. This 8% New England IPA is delicious and is always difficult to keep on the shelf – and it popped into #2 with just a half year of sales!
  3. Able Ebenezer Burn the Ships – Merrimack, NH. This smoked IPA from Able is their flagship beer. Like their others, it has a very loyal following – there’s no other smoked IPA like it. It relies on just enough cherrywood to give a smoked flavor on the back end without hammering you over the head. Jake says it was intended to be a brewery-only seasonal beer and turned into a year-round favorite because people love it. Market economics, people!
  4. Banded Daikaiju – Biddeford, ME. This double IPA from the brewery formerly known as Banded Horn has an awesome following and is a perpetual favorite in the store. This earthy East Coast style double keeps getting better.
  5. Two Roads Two Juicy – Stratford, CT. This double from Two Roads in Stratford, CT was a precursor to Sip in the state, and also happens to be made in the same place. The name says it all, really. Just a great juice bomb.
  6. Hobbs Hi Jack – Ossipee, NH. Chris loves Hi, Jack. Like really loves it. It’s his favorite NH/NE style. Juicy and clean, just unavailable enough to keep you interested when it hits the shelves. Randy and the Hobbs crew continue to amaze with what they do in Ossipee.
  7. Sixpoint Resin – Brooklyn, NY. This one’s the first one on the list not from New England, if you are keeping score. It’s a double IPA, with a 9.1% ABV – and in spite of that, it’s got a juicy, smooth finish with pine and citrus notes.
  8. Founder’s Dirty Bastard  – Grand Rapids, MI. Loyal customers love this one. Scotch ale from a flagship American craft brewery, the first one not in the Northeast on this list. We have some friends here in the 603 with strong Scottish roots who favor a good strong Scottish ale.
  9. Great North Tie Dyed – Manch Vegas. Easy drinking, sessionable, solid beer from our friends at Great North. Truly a go-to when you want an easy drinker.
  10. Jack’s Abby Post Shift – Framingham, MA. Sessionable, nice fruity finish, competes with any domestic pilsner and blows it away because of the flavor profile.
  11. Lawson’s Super Session – Waitsfield, VT (Stratford, CT). This includes all of the Super Sessions (7 and 2). A lighter beer from Lawson’s that was a logical accompaniment to the launch of Sip.
  12. Jack’s Abby Blood Orange Wheat – Framingham, MA. This was a perfect summer beer to enjoy in the backyard or by the grill. Drinkable and fun, it introduced a lot of people to Jack’s Abby, and the New England craft scene at large. Just a great summer radler.
  13. 603 Scenic Session – Londonderry, NH. A very well done NE session IPA. This one hit the shelves in in August, and has dominated so far because it’s easy drinking and juicy/hazy. Plus, the cans are pretty.
  14. Great North Moose Juice – Manch Vegas. This collab between GN and Thirsty Moose is an easy to drink Continental IPA. It started as a seasonal beer and has turned into a year-round creation because of the loyal followings.
  15. Moat Flava of the Day – North Conway, NH. Moat crushes it with this New England style IPA that never disappoints. It’s a very juicy beer with a rotating hop series, and Moat’s continually improving this – and the rest of their offerings.