St. Patty’s Is Coming… Black and Tan, anyone?

maine beer companyDid you know that in Ireland Black and Tan is an offensive term for the British? Strangely enough, it refers to the Cambridge Guard that was sent into Northern Ireland to quell the uprising. In Ireland they call it a “Half and Half,” but here we typically refer to it as a Black and Tan.

We’ve got lots in stock for you to make your own delicious, unique Black and Tan or Half and Half!

1. Maine Beer Company – Mean Old Tom & Peeper
2. Your Locals… New Hampshire’s own Beara Irish Stout and Pale Ale
3. All Guinness – Guinness Draught and Rye Pale Ale
4. Vermont Snake Bite – Long Trail Unearthed Stout & Citizen’s Unified Press Cider
5. Bourbon Barrel – Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Stout & Ale
6. Chocolate Covered Banana – Young’s Double Chocolate Stout & Banana Bread Beer