We’ve got some amazing kegs in stock! If you’re looking for a way to entertain all of your friends while you watch the Pats this weekend, we’ve got the perfect massive beer delivery system for you. We love kegs… they are an efficient way to enjoy a lot of beer quickly. If you don’t see what you love below, we can order them with a little notice. Just give us a call.

Some history of the keg:
– A log is 1/6 barrel and clocks in at a shade over 5 gallons.
– A pony keg is 1/4 barrel and is also known as a “firkin”. We have never heard it called that… and we don’t know why it’s called a “pony.” The internet tells us a pony is a small horse and that’s why this is a pony keg (thanks for that), so we’re now wondering if a 1/2 barrel (full keg) would be a horse… or if maybe this had something to do with the Budweiser Clydesdales. But we digress.
– A barrel is 31 gallons in the US, 36 gallons in Europe. Maybe this has to do with the metric system, who knows.
– A half-barrel, then, is 15.5 gallons. Any way you slice it, that’s a lot of beer.
– Kegs used to be pasteurized, but that often left beer with a less-than-palatable taste. Now, we make beer and store it cold, so when it’s tapped it’s fresh.

The kegs we have in stock are amazing (as of 10/26/17):

We’re here to help you enjoy your beer, whether in a keg, bottle, or can.
– Your friends at Barley & Hops