Holiday Gift Guide

Looking for a gift for someone who isn’t you? Secret Santa got you down? Or do you just want to buy something for yourself because no one ever gives you what you really want? We have many fun and festive gift ideas for you.

  • Holiday beer. As you know, there’s a beer for every season… if it’s summer, it must be the time for sours, goses, and shandies! Fall, we get pumpkin everything, and a dose of Oktoberfest beers as well as ambers. Winter means spiced beers and heavier stuff. We have a wide variety of amazing seasonal beers, including Christmas ales and other winter warmers.
  • Budweiser Steins. These are the Hallmark ornaments of the beer world. We’ve got a wide range of these antiques we’ve collected over the years. And guess what: they’re still great for drinking beer.
  • Beer gift packs. We love making cool things for our customers. These gift packs are pretty cool! Gift packs include varieties of NH’s favorites and B&H koozies, two pictured above (Left Hand Nitro and a glass, and Jack’s Abby and a glass), and more! Or we can make one custom for you. Just saying.
  • Wine gift packs! A bottle of wine and two wine glasses, for sharing, if you’re so inclined. That’s also pictured above. We’ve curated wines for the season with our wine experts Megan and Chuck.
  • Home brew supplies (left). This is the perfect way to combine a love with a hobby, really. Plus, you get to learn chemistry. (It’s really not that complex, and our kits come with just about everything you need in order to get your home brew operation off the ground).
  • Holiday 6-Pack Gift Bags (below). These bags are fun and festive, and we guarantee no one’s going to get one and NOT say something about them. Plus, they’re reusable. So you can give beer and help the environment.
  • e-Gift Cards. Oh, dang, the party’s inan hour and we haven’t gotten them anything yet!!! FEAR NOT. We have you covered. Click this link and you will have an e-Gift Card, like, immediately, Scoob! Super easy and you never even have to leave the house.
  • Beer Chandeliers. Got a beer cave or a pool table? This amazing invention allows you to display your favorite beer bottles along with a light in the middle. We use ours here to share when we have great beer (when the green light is on, ask what’s behind the counter). Just $99.