12 Days of Barley & Hops, Day 9: Bombers (22oz Bottles)

In addition to the massive array of six-packs we stock, we’ve also got a wide variety of 22oz beers, also known as “bombers.” If you’re putting a gift basket together for work, a friend, or whatever, and don’t want to fall into the same old pattern of a bottle of wine as the centerpiece (not that there’s anything wrong with that!), a bomber is perfect!

To answer your next question, after some research, we have no idea why they’re called “bombers.” There are theories – at one point, there was going to be a B-22 bomber plane, but it never went into production. Given the higher alcohol content of beers now, it seems that there might be a logical explanation for the name…

Swing by and check out our collection, including Founders Lizard of Koz and many other great ones!