12 Days of Barley & Hops, Day 7: Don’t Walk in Empty-Handed

So you have to go to a party tonight (get to?)… and you have nothing to bring. We’ve got you covered. Here’s what you need:
– One of our custom B&H 6-pack wood boxes, just $24.99, and they have a sweet bottle opener on the side. Guaranteed that when you walk in with this, it’s going to get some attention.
– New beers! We’ve got lots of new ones, including brand new Bantam ciders, Stoneface Full Clip, Rising Tide Pisces and Hesperus, and Peak Organics Mocha Stout
– New other fun drinks! Wild Docta and Wild Sit Russ are hard versions of Dr. Pepper and Mountain Dew, respectively
– The Stella Artois gift box with a commemorative bottle and two chalices.

Don’t walk in empty-handed. Bring in something awesome – it will take mere minutes out of your day.